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Tatum Ranch Golf Club


Tatum Ranch Golf Club 29888 N. Tatum Ranch Dr. Cave Creek AZ

Tatum Ranch Golf Club

I had the privilege of getting to play the Tatum Ranch Golf Course on Monday 2-23 with the Arizona Senior Golf Association at their monthly event.  Upon arriving at the bag drop area I was not greeted by anyone and had to unload my bag myself. While this is not intended to be snobbish, one would think at a private club that they would be all over you when you arrive.  Walking into the clubhouse I was not overwhelmed by the decor but it was nice.  After our ASGA board of directors meeting we headed into the dining room and had a nice lunch and the service was very friendly and helpful.  After the event, we had dinner and again found the food was very tasty and friendly staff attended to our wants/needs… now on to the course.

We started on the 7th hole and it immediately started to rain on us.  Reaching into my bag for my rain jacket (hardly ever used in AZ) I discovered that I had removed it from the bag when I was rearranging my gear a few weeks ago, uh oh. Fortunately I did have my small umbrella so I could keep myself partially dry.  After we finished #9 I stopped in the clubhouse to search for an inexpensive rain shirt that would get me through the day.  Prices were fair with a decent but smaller collection and I was able to find a nice Foot Joy shirt for under $65.  Back to the golf… the course was in good shape and the greens were firm, true and fairly fast.  I only found one bunker throughout the round and found the sand was abundant and easy enough to navigate from.  Play-ability of the course was friendly for all skill levels as the fairways were fairly wide and not a lot of water.  When we finished, one of our playing partners was a member and we followed him into the parking lot to drop off our bags at the car (though the sign told us not to).  We dropped the cart back off at the return area but again… no attendant.

All in all, the course was very playable, nicely maintained and made for an enjoyable round.  The outdoor staff was pretty much absent but the interior staff and pro shop were very friendly and helpful.  I would give it three stars ***.

2/5/2015 Coldwater Golf Club Review


Coldwater Golf Club, 100 N Clubhouse Dr, Avondale AZ,                     2/5/2015,  green fees $40

From the drive up, the course appears in great shape. Once I pulled into the lot, the attendant met me at my car to give me a cart to transfer my equipment to (nice touch).  The staff inside and out was very friendly and helpful. Beverage cart girl was on duty and also very friendly.  The driving range was a bit ratty with the tee boxes pretty chewed up and longer grass but balls were included in the price.  Practice green was a bit small with only 5 holes (on the one by the range). Later I discovered that there was another practice range closer to the #1 tee box.  Once on the course, the fairways were in good shape and the layout was extremely friendly to all levels of golf. Most of the roughs were slanted to bring balls back into play.  The greens on most holes were pretty well manicured but there were quite a few pock marks fixed and unfixed on them.  Based on the green fees I would anticipate quite a few novice golfers and that accounts for the greens not being in the condition they were.  Views of South Mountain make for some pleasant scenery as you navigate your way though the local neighborhood.  I was a bit disappointed in the homes that face the course.  I would have expected to see back yards that were better maintained and landscaped but instead it almost felt like a lower/middle class neighborhood. A few green pools dirt/natural landscape was the norm instead of the exception. 

All in all, we did have an enjoyable time and for the money, it was well worth it.  Anytime you can play a round of golf for less than $50 in the valley in February you feel fortunate.  I will give it 3-stars ***

All New Blog coming


I have decided that I am going to revamp my blog.  It is now going to be strictly about "The Golfing REALTOR."  Starting tomorrow, I will update and write a review of each course that I play.  It will contain pricing, course conditions and service received.  Since I play quite a bit of golf with several different groups I have the opportunity to play quite a few different courses throughout the valley at different times of year. Stay tuned...

Home Buying Questions and Conversations


I recently read an article that reminded me about some questions that I typically ask my clients to avoid problems during their transaction.  Here are some of the questions I ask:

1. Who do they picture living in the house in 10 years?

2. How will they spend their time in and outside the home?

3. How will everyone get to school and or work?

By asking these questions I am able to help my clients determine their non-negotiable needs before they are seduced by a home that seems perfect to them now, but that they’ll regret in a few years.

Another discussion I have with my clients addresses finances.  While no one is particularly comfortable discussing their finances with someone else I find it a necessity to avoid problems later.  Most of their questions about what to do and not to do should be answered by their lender but I always give a little advice of things to avoid.  

1. Do not make any purchases on their credit card, apply for new lines of credit (especially the 90-day same as cash type).  

2. Do not pay off any outstanding debt unless your lender tells you to do so.  Believe it or not paying off debt can sometimes adversly effect your credit score

3. Do not deposit any cash or money into your accounts that cannot be specifically accounted for in detail.  Underwriters have to account for ALL moneys used in a transaction.  

There are a lot more questions and issues that I typically bring up but I find that these basic conversations can save my clients a lot of heartache down the line.

Solving Solar Issues


I recently had a transaction where my clients were looking to purchase a home that had a solar lease.  Without getting into too much detail, the sellers disclosed the lease as "assumable" if the buyers could qualify.  There was also a buyout option for the seller if they chose to do so.  My clients made their offer and during the negotiations we researched the buyout option and discovered that for a fee of $25k they could buy out the 25-year lease.  As an agent we are always looking for creative ways to make transactions work.  Knowing the option, my client offered to pay for 1/2 of the buyout for the seller so that they would not have this same issue if they decide to sell in the future.  Since it was a lean on the title, the seller was happy to work out the buyout as well.  There may be some tax benefits as well (consult a CPA for advice on this matter) but it turned out to be a win/win for all involved.  My clients get the benefit of extremely low electric bills while they own the home and the seller was able to get their home sold and not have to worry about a buyer qualifying for the assumption of their lease!

For more information about solar options for your home I would recommend contacting Mike at AZ SolarCare.  If you would like his contact information drop me an email at

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